Nicaragua Still Has “Early-In” Potential

Nicaragua is not at all known by the larger population. If it were, there would be 3.5 million tourists, property values would be 3 times higher (like Costa Rica and Belize), and the “early-in” opportunity would have already passed.

Belize, Panama and Costa Rica are nice, but they are over-priced, have more crime, lots more mosquito’s, and only a fraction of the size of Nicaragua which has way more territory to play on. Belize unfortunately has the weather issue of hurricanes. They get hit hard every 8-10 years! 

Nicaragua is the REAL diamond in the rough and the only place in Central America where the upside investment potential still exists.

If they want the most sensible investment appreciation potential – only Nicaragua offers that!  

An Emerald In The Rough

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast is a stretch of coastline between the towns of Tola and El Astillero filled with sandy beaches and amazing surf. Two of the most famous surf breaks in the country – Colorado and Popoyo – are located here. This area has become of prime interest to international real estate and resort developers recently since The Pellas Group (Nicaragua’s largest private business) developed a $600M “Five-Star” residential community, hotel, spa and golf facility named,

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Check out what’s being built in Nicaragua and see the possibilities HERE.

The golf course recently hosted Nicaragua’s first official PGA Tour sanctioned tournament. The overall development of the area is now well and truly on the map, and is arguably one of the most spectacular locations along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.


Other notable residential communities in the area include Rancho Santana, Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort and Hacienda Iguana, all of which have been successful for several years.

 A Perfect Place For The Remnant

The Emerald Coast is evolving rapidly and a new international airport 17kms north of Tola is now open and will likely bring even more tourists, surfers and real estate dollars to the area.  Popoyo Village is situated less than a 1⁄2 mile in-land from the spectacular beach known as Popoyo, and these over-sized lots offer an unbelievable “early-in” buying opportunity.  The local area of Las Salinas is sure to see several medium to large scale resort style developments break ground over the coming years.  Property values here stand a very high chance of rising in value to match those of Puntarenas, Costa Rica.



Popoyo Village is perfectly located for easy accessibility along a paved section of the new Pacific highway. The capital city of Managua is only 55 minutes away, with Granada, Rivas, Massaya, and San Juan del Sur all within close proximity.  Popoyo is known for its awesome beach and great surfing, and international professional surf events have already taken place here.  Several lots in the area are already priced at $69,000 and above and available raw land is becoming harder to find.


Popoyo Village is an eco-friendly residential sub-division developed by a local development firm.  All access roads are completed throughout the property, electrical supply is adjacent to property, and there is an abundance of potable water.  Planned homes here will likely be energy efficient in design as many residents here use solar paneling.  The lots available in this limited offer are one-half acre in size, the terrain is very flat and easy to build on, and all have views of the surrounding hillsides.  These lots are not ocean view lots, but are a great ocean-close buy!

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