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It's VERY safe! So safe, in fact, that according to a recent study by the United Nations’ human development agency, UNDP, Nicaragua ranks as the second safest country in the region. The report, which evaluated citizen security in 18 countries in the region, has ranked nations taking into account the rates of homicide and assaults.

Nicaragua’s ranking as the second safest country in the region has surprised analysts because the Central American nation has a negative reputation that it has been burdened with since the 80's. It is not like that anymore.

It is .8 miles as the crow flies. It's within a short walking distance.

Each lot is .5 acres.

Yes! You get a properly deeded title to the property that you purchase.  Ownership of property in Nicaragua is fee-simple and available to any foreign national or entity. We have been buying and selling land and developing properties in Nicaragua for sixteen years, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers. Let our local real estate attorneys help you in taking title to your piece of paradise!

True! We do offer periodic scheduled tours to prospective buyers. We pick you up at the airport and provide ground transportation to and from the property. The tour is free to prospective buyers who have submitted a lot reservation form and purchase deposit. If you close on your property, we will reimburse the cost of your airfare (COACH FARE ONLY – SINGLE TICKET).

We look forward to seeing you!

True! We do offer financing for qualified buyers. Call today to find out more- 305-401-5455

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